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About Us



At Quickfilter Technologies we are dedicated to bringing high quality audio to consumers and enhancing the entertainment experience, regardless of the audio environment, the quality of the recording, or the equipment being used.  Innovative technology is at the core of our products.  Utilizing a total systems approach (including the end use environment), our engineers ensure that the highest performance and highest quality solutions are delivered to our customers.  Our solutions are born through passionate study and understanding of acoustics, physics, electronics, mathematics, and mechanical engineering. 


Founded in 2003, we have leveraged our hardware and software digital signal processing expertise to create unique solutions for consumer audio manufacturers worldwide.  These solutions compensate for the audio quality limitations found in small speaker systems that are the norm in today’s consumer audio products.  These products include LCD TVs, sound-bars, desktop, laptop and ultra-book pcs, portable speaker systems such as docking stations and Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and tablet computers.


We invite you to HEAR THE DIFFERENCE.